Thursday, 14 February 2013

Projects and Journals

My little library of "books" regarding my in-game experiences and adventures.
The date beside each is when it was last updated. :)

Fate of Heroes [ongoing]

*Note: As of 1 July 2017, all the below have broken images courtesy of being burned by Photobucket.

Nameless (Creative Writing Experiment) [16 June 2017]
Skyrim's Adventure Journal [9 Jun 2017]
Tales at the Bonfire [28 Apr 2017]
Photo Story Folder [10 May 2016]
The Darklands of Arkania [25 Apr 2016]
Odd Jobs of Neverwinter [18 Mar 2016]
Sunset Six [5 Nov 2015]
Sojourn at Entropia [6 Jul 2015]
Ambitious Dynasty [29 Apr 2015]
The End-Times [23 Feb 2015] 
Tales of the Blight [19 Nov 2014]
Revista de la Presidenta [17 Oct 2014]
A Touch of Wizardry [16 Jun 2014]
Sacred: Journey Journal [29 May 2014]
Diary of a Marked One [10 May 2014]
Dead Island Diary [26 Feb 2014]
Explorer of Tyria [20 Oct 2013]
XCOM: Defenders of the Earth [28 Jul 2013]

Here is a repository for some of and my (and my guild mates) creative works online. Really should work on putting more of my stuff out there.

MMO Design Folder
NBI 2015 - Poetry Slam Compilation
The Forge of Winter (Neverwinter Online Foundry creations)
The Golem City (video preview and book by Timothy Andrews)
NBI 2014 - Artists of May
NBI 2014 - Poetry Slam Entry
Ode to Mabinogi [Pic Heavy]
NBI 2013 - Poetry Slam
Wizardry Online: Cartography Project
Recipes to Disaster
Ferghus Commercial (youtube)
Dragonarm Chronicles Chapter 1 (flash)
Tribute to Equilibrium (flash)
Omega Guardian Project (by DL)
Dragonarm Chapter 1 (Neverwinter Nights Module by DL)
Random posts tagged with "Art"

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