Sunday, 20 May 2018

NWO: Siege of Neverwinter Voucher Tutorial

Avoid dragons, draw out the infantry.

As this event is on again I thought I'd put a quick post down for those who don't yet know the best method to farm those stronghold vouchers that drop from all enemies on this map. You will need a quiet, low-pop channel and as much free time as you can throw at it for best results.

Killing everything is a good start, but the respawn rate is kinda slow for the usual spawns which is why you want to look out for the non-dragon heroic encounters that pop up. All of these spawn a flood of infantry farm targets, and will keep doing so until the event is finished. That's right, the idea is to never kill any of the end generals or destroy the catapults. Ideally for the catapults, damage each of them without breaking any. If you do it right the spawning guards will chase you across the back end of the map making your farming even easier.

Also, if you are only after vouchers, avoid the dragon encounters as they eat up a lot of time and have no adds that drop them. Most importantly, don't get angry at people that finish the events you are trying to farm. They've been trained the whole game to do so, and have a daily that requires them to finish 2 of them. Regardless of what they are doing, just kill the infantry and if your channel gets too crowded, or has double dragons, its time to move on to the next quiet instance. :)

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Gallery: How to beat Zhaitan

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It's been a while since I did this in game so it might have changed by now, but my general recollection of it went as follows...

The lesser dragons are more of a challenge.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Gallery: Powerslide

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Whee I did it! I forced myself to draw something! Very rough but oh well, I'll need some work to get back to where I was and then more again to actually improve. :)

It's the most OP move in that game.

Gallery Works

Just a place where I can store all my masterpieces doodling (*cough*). :P

How to beat Zhaitan (19 May 2018)
Powerslide (16 May 2018)

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Overlord 2

Because one was definitely not enough!

While this game plays much like the original with a story that's just as good, you as a new overlord have access to a few new features such as mounts, ships and siege weapons for and powered by your colorful minions. You need them too as your main enemies - an Empire who seem inspired by Rome make for decent adversaries.

New locales for your minions to trash!

The individual soldiers are no match for you but when assembled in formation even your horde of minions will suffer heavy losses if you don't proceed tactically. And that's what most of this game is, tactical puzzles with a very funny twist. There were some parts that did stump me for awhile (especially some boss fights) but usually a little looking around is all it takes to find the answer.

I also like that in your minion pool you can now bring back your favorite deceased minions, which is important as they do level up and become more effective on the field. It's left up to you if that one level 10 brown is worth 20 other browns as there is still a life force cost to everything. The only negative I have is a small one - in the previous game you could actually be "good". This is not the case here as it becomes a choice between destruction and domination (slavery).

Despite that I still highly recommend this game. It's not essential to have played the first, but you'll probably find it easier if you do. I give Overlord 2 four and a half mistresses out of five. Because you definitely can't have enough of those! :P

Monday, 14 May 2018

Today I Smiled: Eurovision 2018

Another year means another Eurovision! As you all know I'm a bit of a fan of this event, and this year had a combination of nice eye candya douchebag intruder for the UK's entry, a wiggly Australian, a pyromaniac piano vampire, some heavy metal screamers, an opera singer in a cool laser dress, and some peace loving vikings.

Sometimes I think there's a secret "who can burn the stage" contest too.

I quite liked those last two, as well as Greece's song and Albania's Rock entry. Even if you skip all the above, the next three you probably should watch: Moldova's superbly choreographed and humorous number, the actual winning entry from Israel which involves a bit of clucking and eye gymnastics, and my personal favourite this year: Germany's touching "You Let Me Walk Alone".

Last but not least, here's a clip of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) questioning why Canada isn't a part of Eurovision. :)

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Old TV Reviews: Tyrant

No one is really good.

This story is about the two sons (and their families) of a widely unliked tyrannical president who suddenly dies during a crisis in their homeland of Abuddin. Since leadership passes down the family line it is up to the "good" brother to influence the "bad" one, who gains the top position.

While it took 2 episodes to actually hook me into this violent political drama, I quickly became a fan of this show and was very disappointed when it got cancelled after season 3. Alas it did suffer from a few un-needed characters but it was never shy to kill off people as it saw fit. Worth a watch if you're looking to try something new.